Media Relationship Management

Create your own media contact groups, take control of your own 'media' today.

What is the MediaRM platform?

Through the MediaRM platform, each company, site, or organization, can create a live media community of people and pages, who for different reasons, take the company communication in their own hands.

Today, companies ought to use the dynamic of social media and to exploit 100% their own Owned and Earned media. They should also be able to acknowledge the work of their own people.

In order to achieve that, a company has to first keep its employees informed and then give them chances for action on the content that the company produces, creating thus the appropriate conditions at any point of time, to build its own army of influencers.

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Media Relationship Management that gives you immediate results

Start Engaging Conversations
Turn static conversations interactive ones, increasing media awareness and cross-sell opportunities.
Offer Up-to-Date Content
Ensure publishers, fans, partners and employees have easy access to the latest content and trade promotions.
Support Distributors
Make it easy for distributors to use your latest sales materials and advocate for your products and brand.
Gain Insight
Understand which content is most compelling, and replicate success in paid media.

The reputation of your company, in your own hands.

With the ‘mention’ tool of mediaRM, you have the ability to be instantly informed about the published posts of your company, of your competition, but also on what people say about you on social media.

This service will help you build the reputation of your company with automated informative procedures.

With the use of the complete service, you can receive a report by email in real-time for the performance of a press release, you can see the reach and volume of a hashtag, as well as what concerns your employees or what they dislike, through the Advocacy module of MediaRM.

The service can be linked to other services that a company already uses to monitor its brand, for even better results.


Time has come for the marketing of your company to pass through the owned and earned media of the company itself!

The premise is simple: find someone with an audience who is willing to share their love for your product.

From the moment that we have tracked who is talking about us, we move on to their evaluation. We create a Profile for him/her, combining data that concern qualitative and quantitative characteristics that are available today online, such as MozRank, friends and engagement on his/her page, frequency of posts, use of language, audience, categories of content, etc.

In this way, we have the ability to group together ‘our’ media and to build a relationship of trust with them, through the community that MediaRM is able to create.


Make that journey of communication simple…

On MediaRM you can create your own groups and through automated procedures you can;
-Have insight feedback of the content you create
-Evaluate ideas on everything that concerns your content
-Have instant engagement on social media
-Send categorized content, based on the group or the member of a group
-Custom loyalty for every group
-Monetary rewards for member actions
-The Advocacy Module for the employees of a company
-Analytic reporting and leaderboard for all actions of a company
-A custom domain, white label


Avoid Influencer Scams and Fraud

Stop wasting money on ineffective influencers. Get all the tools you need to spot fake performance trends and anomalies.


Uncover Your Brand Advocates Across Channels

Find brand advocates to amplify your brand voice. Choose those who match with and love your brand values - then leverage their powerful influence on your audience.

Are you intersting for MediaRM platform?

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