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Take control of your micro ‘media’ making full use of your own resources, with Waapfair.

Monitor / Mention your brand

Be the first to know when people are talking about your company. Learn how your brands, products and logos are shared across millions of online sources. Conduct deep multi-year studies to find new strategic insights.

Get the industry insight you need by monitoring key publications, regions, and influencers. Identify emerging opportunities and challenges, even when your brand is not mentioned directly.

Feel confident your brand is aligned with changing consumer perceptions and trends. Measure the impact of your marketing strategies to identify what is and isn’t working.

With MediaRM, you can get data from your partner, like salesforce, brandwatch, google alert etc.

Trust relationships with media

Not all media partners can be trusted. While it’s important to build relationships with your media, you should also recognize when it’s time to cut non-performing partners loose, or those who use fraudulent and unethical means to try to sell your products and services. Keep in mind that monitoring for compliance and media ( social or not ) fraud is a specialized activity.

A successful media partner relationship is one where both sides can trust each other. In order to create this sense of mutual confidence in one another, you should :

- Identifying, selecting, and onboarding partners
- Communicating back-and-forth with partners (one at a time) to develop and optimize campaigns
- Keeping on top of accounting
- Providing and managing changing creative assets
- Preparing regular reports for analysis
- Collaborate to set up a schedule and system that both sides agree on
- Clearly define offers and payout terms

When your team is performing these tasks manually, it may result in lost emails, misinterpreted directions, delayed campaign launches, and wasted time and resources.

Maximize Your Time With Automation and Real time data

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With intuitive automation flows manage repetitive manual tasks, MediaRM makes it easy to increase profit, decrease low-performing traffic, and scale your network fast. In the same time, with media, employees, micro publishers

- Automate your performance optimization via custom rules for conversion rate, profit margin, and offer type
- Save time with automated actions and alerts that warn and block traffic sources and offers, and immediately notify all parties involved
- Monitor all actions, rules, and affected partners and offers from one event log
- Automated invoicing and payment solutions available
- Real-time reporting for taking immediate action on partner incentives
- Partner APIs to connect with their systems, with custom solutions