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Build your own teams based on results, not forecasts.
Make quick decisions about your budget, content and strategy by hitting your communication team in the long run.

Take control of your micro ‘media’ making full use of your own resources, with MediaRM.


Your reputation is your most valuable asset. It is critically impacted by the conversations in the online and social space, but incredibly difficult to stay on top of manually. MediaRM gives you a comprehensive brand protection and reputation framework so you never miss a beat - across social and online media.

Mitigate reputational risk through an early warning system and predictive alerts. Analyze key stakeholder attitudes with our exclusive Reputation Score. Find out how your messages resonate. Monitor potential issues with instant and predictive alerting and unique AI-Powered Sentiment.

Digital Marketing. Find influencers to amplify the impact of your message

Detect influencers for any topic or industry based on occupations, interests, affinities, engagement and reach. With quick view, you can see the topics they like in seconds.

Influencer Network gives you an instant view on communities for any topic. Or use our unique virality map to see how your messages spread and replicate viral success.

Consumer Insights

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Understand how conversations on social, digital and traditional channels evolve and track emerging trends.

Divide your audience into meaningful segments with demographics data like interests and occupations. Understand customer opinions with our unique AI-Powered Sentiment and predict trending stories.


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With white label programs, you can brand services and products as your own. For instance, you can make your own web design template store online on your own brand.

Make your employees the driving force for growing your business by making relevant content available to them at all times.


Global paid media speed ratios are currently at 95 precent 4.5 percent of owned media and.5 percent for earned media.


With MediaRM , in less than 3 months, you can count more on your own trusted media.

Enable Advocacy program, with MediaRM advocacy service.

With the advocacy program you will be able to invite the employees of your company and potentially give them an incentive to participate in the program, by providing feedback on the content that the company produces, but also, by sharing the content on their own Social Media channels in case they are interested.

Also, we can create together off site backlinks, on date ranges that you decide, based on your own criteria, via a fully automated process, on sites with content that matters to you.

Find here an example of what you can gain just by inviting your employees. (B2B company performance with waapfair after a month)

We identify the micro publishers and influencers that are relevant to your content.

With the feedback on the content that you produce and the rating procedure, you can establish and secure the conditions for more shared posts, mentions and republications through our service.